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Welcome to Biblical Authority Ministries! 

As the name implies, this Christian ministry is focused on biblical authority. 

Simply put, the 66 books of the Bible are the supreme authority in all matters—faith, education, life, science, history, practice, apologetics, theology—every subject. As a point of note, this doesn’t just mean “faith and practice”—but all areas.

In our culture, God and His Word have been attacked in many ways because so many have been influenced to believe the religion of secular humanism—whether they realize it or not. Secular humanism (atheism, evolutionism, agnosticism, naturalism, Darwinism, materialism, etc.) dominates our schools, media, politics, museums, and so on. Even I was influenced by this type of religion to a certain degree. 

As a result, Genesis 1-11 have come under severe attack. Consider these common attacks: 


1. Creation in six days has been largely usurped by [false] big bangs models. Sadly, some Christian’s try to mix their Christianity with this religion and thereby compromise (or syncretize) two different religions together. 


2. The fall into sin and the origin of death (which is the foundation for the Gospel) has been replaced with Darwin’s worship of death as the hero for an evolutionary worldview—with millions of years of death supposedly occurring over long ages (because of rock layers that contain fossils). 


3. The global Flood of Noah—which explains from where most of those fossil-bearing rock layers came—has been replaced with slow gradual accumulations over millions of years! 


4. The events at the Tower of Babel which explain why people look a little different (the gene pool was split apart as different families spread to different parts of the world). Furthermore, the origin of language families has been replaced with Darwinian racism and the “evolved out of Africa” model for the evolution of languages. 

At Biblical Authority Ministries, the hope is to reclaim the truth of Scripture from the very first verse of Genesis. We want to help believers get back to God’s Word as the ultimate authority on these types of issues. 

But we also hope to proclaim the truth of the whole of Scripture including the Gospel—because without the Gospel, what’s the point? I don’t just want people to turn from false worldviews like evolution and hold to creation; but I want to see them receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. From here, I want to encourage new believers to continue growing int their faith by getting involved in a local Bible-believing church.

This is why Biblical Authority Ministries exist—to help provide biblical, scientific, and theological answers to the church and culture to remove barriers to the Gospel to the glory of God. 

Bodie Hodge, M.Sc., B.Sc., PEI

Biblical Authority Ministries, July 12, 2024


Monday, July 8, 2024

If We Evolved From Apes


If We Evolved From Apes…

Bodie Hodge, M.Sc., B.SC., PEI

Biblical Authority Ministries, July 8, 2024


“If we evolved from apes and monkeys, then why are there still apes and monkeys?”

Ever heard this? It drives me nuts! I hear this question—or variations of it—quite often. I see it on memes.

Many seem to think this is a good refutation of an evolutionary worldview. I appreciate the heart of believers opposing the religion of secular humanism (evolution is a common tenet of secular religions like atheism, agnosticism, naturalism, materialism, etc.).

However, asking this question misses a big point in the evolutionary story—and when you understand it, it really isn’t powerful at all. In the evolutionary belief, man didn’t evolve from apes (e.g., chimpanzees or gorillas); nor did apes evolve from monkeys (e.g., Old World or New World monkeys).

In the evolutionary conjecture, both man and apes supposedly evolved from “ape-like” creatures that are commonly seen as “apes” to the average layperson. But technically, this is a supposed ancestor that gave rise to both humans and apes.

So this alleged ancestor doesn’t exist anymore. It is the same with respect to an even more previous “monkey-like” creature that supposedly gave rise to both modern monkeys and that ape-like ancestor.

That alleged monkey-like creature doesn’t exist today but was, according to evolutionary believers, what gave rise to the lines of monkeys and apes and ultimately the line of man.

So asking the initial question is actually equating modern apes and this alleged ape-like ancestor. Technically, it is even more complicated than this, but this should help clear up this common misunderstanding. As Christians, we should be more accurate with what the world is teaching when refuting it.

I try to make sure I’m calling this alleged ancestral creature “ape-like” or “monkey-like” to be accurate to what the evolutionists actually believe.

There are plenty of other ways to refute the evolutionary religion, so it is unnecessary to use arguments that are fallacious.

For example, see:

  • World Religions Volume 3 deals with the religious aspects of an evolutionary worldview and how to refute it philosophically.
  • Glass House deals with the specific evolutionary arguments like alleged missing links, alleged chromosome 2 fusion, origin of life, natural selection, mutations, the allegation that humans and chimps are 98% similar in DNA, and so on.


  Welcome to Biblical Authority Ministries !   As the name implies, this Christian ministry is focused on biblical authority.  Simply put,...