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Date Translator

Date Translator

Generalized  Secular Dates Translated into Archbishop James Ussher Dates

Bodie Hodge, Biblical Authority Ministries, July 22, 2020

We are often inundated with secular humanistic dating schemes. Most news items, textbooks, programs, journals, etc. just state the date without comment. Many Christians struggle understanding how to convert these dates to the biblical timescale, where God created all things in 6 normal-length days, then rested on the seventh; then about 1650 years later there was a global Flood, and then there was a post-Flood Ice Age and with people migrating about the globe.

How do we translate the dates from one false system (the secular system) to a biblically based system? Here is a some overview guidelines. There may be exceptions to this in certain instances of course since this is merely a general overview. 

13.8 billion years ago (BYA) in the astronomical heavens is a farce. Outside of the earth (Day 1), water (Day 1), the expanse of space (Day 2), and light (Day 1), which were made on the first two days, all things in the heavens, like stars and planets, were created on Day 4 about 6,000 years ago and the countdown begins (4004 BC).       

Now we shift to the earth and events occurring there.

4.6 BYA to 600 million years ago (MYA) TRANSLATES to:  Creation which is 4004 BC to 2348 BC

600 MYA to 5 MYA TRANSLATES to:  Flood Sediment  ~4350 years ago, 2348 BC[1]

5 MYA to 2000 BC TRANSLATES to:  Post-Flood Sediment/Times no older than 2348 BC—if it involves people away from Babel, then this is also post-Babel (no earlier than 2242 BC—the first recorded death of an old man in Scripture post-Flood was Peleg at 1996 BC; Noah didn’t die until 2006 BC, Shem didn’t die until 2158 BC). Some of which is Ice Age sediment.

Dates from 2000 BC to Present may only require minor adjusting due to archaeological errors like the errant Egyptian Dating, errant Mesopotamian Dating methods, or the more questionable radiocarbon dating—so be discerning

This should get you dates far closer than the constant errant preaching from the secular religious adherents.


[1] Some sediment in the Tertiary is debated as Flood or Post-Flood but since the Mountains of Ararat are made from Eocene and Miocene sediment, thus they had to be formed by the 150th Day of the Flood (Genesis 8:3-4). For a couple of references see: Y. Yilmaz, “Alochthonous Terranes in the Tethyan Middle East: Anatolia and the Surrounding Regions,” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, London, A 331, 611–624 (1990); G.C. Schmidt, “A Review of Permian and Mesozoic Formations Exposed Near the Turkey/Iraq Border at Harbol,” Mobil Exploration Mediterranean, Inc. Ankara, MTA Bulletin of the Mineral Research and Exploration Institute, no. 62, 1964, p. 103–119.


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